Your project’s partnerProducts and projects managements with Quality Management ISO9001:2008 and ISO13485:2003


The requirements of the modern industry are always more brought up and ask efforts and constant evolutions to satisfy the ceaselessly evolutionary needs of the industry with high technologies. The team of specialists of MONDEMA LIMITED COMPANY is your professional partner for success in these permanent challenges.

MONDEMA proposes to its clientele optimal and adapted solutions a to each, so much at the level of the technology, that of the report price/quality. To increase the added value of its customers by being their only and multidisciplinary interlocutor, the company proposes a large range of global solutions of subcontracting or realization of special machines. This one contains our specialized know-how as the development, the industrialization, the technologies of manufacturing, the electro mechanical manufacturing, the solutions of software and automation, the services, the logistics and spare parts.

MONDEMA also grants a particular attention on its organization and its working methodology, who allow to guarantee deliveries of products and corresponding services strictly in the technical specifications and in accordance with the requirements of the customers and the standards; then to assure an optimal traceability. MONDEMA leans on a management system in accordance with the standards ISO9001:2008 and ISO13485:2003 as well as on a software of management, integrated into all the company.


While respecting its sense of the values based on loyalty, MONDEMA cultivates communication and privileges the quality of the relations. The company watches to facilitate permanently close links with its customers, suppliers, partners and employees.

To satisfy its customers is the absolute priority for MONDEMA. The criteria and the requirements of the customers, such as respect for delivery date, respect for the costs, guarantees the specifications and the performances to be obtained, as well as the insurance of the quality are the systematic and inescapable objectives of the company.

MONDEMA intends to hold leader's position in its fields of activity by bringing, the optimal solutions of the needs of its clientele. High professional requirements, exemplary quality of products and services, adequacy to markets, politics of sale and after-sales successful have to contribute to this objective.

MONDEMA grants importance for the professional qualification of its employees. The training of the young people and a quality continues training, as well as the motivation and the personal commitment, are essential conditions in the preservation of an efficiency answering the ambitions of the company.

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